Free or Fee? What Is Music Worth?

Music is something which millions of people listen to on a daily basis. Right now, there are probably quite a few hundred thousand listening to one song or another, but do you like the idea of having to pay for music? Most people think paying for music is reasonable but that they would like to see something more for their money. It’s understandable. But free or fee? What is music really worth and are you getting value for money?

How Often Do You Listen to Music?

Let’s be honest, paying a few pound for one song that you can listen to thousands of times over isn’t such a bad deal! A lot of people say having to pay a fee for a song or for any music in fact is a waste of time but, in reality, it’s not. You have to think about just how many times you play the music and how much you love it. On a daily basis, if you were to listen to a dozen music tracks and you’ve paid less than ten pounds for them—a one-off fee—that’s really a good bargain! You have to think about it in the long-term and logically because in most cases, the cost to download one song isn’t as expensive as you think in the grand scheme of things.

Free Music Might Not Be Always Ideal

While it’s great to grab a freebie, with music it doesn’t actually work. Remember, every time a piece of music is purchased, there is a royalty that goes to the artist and if the music isn’t getting paid for, artists aren’t making money. They could essentially decide not to put out records. OK, so that probably won’t happen but you have to understand that the artists should get paid for their work just as what you should when you do a day’s work. However, are the costs really justified? It really comes down to where you’re purchasing the music from and how much you’re paying for it. If you never listen to the song then it’s a waste but if you listen to it regularly, it’s value for money.

The Real Value of Music

What is music worth? It’s a tough question to answer simply because music means something different to every individual. There are some who say they don’t think the music they purchase is worth its value and others who disagree. In truth, it comes down to the individual buying and the costs paid. In most cases, it’s great to use a free music service but they are not always offering the best for everyone. Then again, if you want to purchase a few songs at a time, the costs can add up.

What Are You Willing to Pay?

The debate between free and fee over music will always be an issue and for some, they really don’t mind either way. In truth, it’s unrealistic to get free music whether it’s from the 60’s era or the modern era. Money has to be paid for music and it’s very unlikely that will change any time soon. Yes, there are some feeless subscription services for music but those are not as forthcoming as you might think. The debate over free or fee will rage on as music constantly changes.